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Testing gracedb installation

REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=cacerts.pem  gracedb -s https://gracedb.default.svc.cluster.local/api credentials server
certificate verify failed: self-signed certificate The gracedb server should be address with a fully qualified hostnane that should be present in the /etc/hosts file that should include the line: gracedb.default.svc.cluster.local

Testing igwn-alert installation

To check the list of avialiable topis:

igwn-alert --no-auth  -g default -s kafka://hopskotch:9092/  topics

To listen for a specific topic(s):

igwn-alert --no-auth  -g default -s kafka://hopskotch:9092/  listen cbc_gstlal cbc_mbta 

Testing hop SCiMMA server installation

hop list-topics  --no-auth   kafka://hopskotch:9092
hop subscribe --no-auth kafka://hopskotch:9092/default.burst_cwb_bbh -s EARLIEST