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This package constains instruction on how to deploy the various component of the Low Latency Alert infrastructure (also referred as LLAI) in a local Kuberneties (K8s) system. The various components includes

  • a fully functional local instance of GraceDB, the GRAvitational-wave Candidate Event Database.
  • a local version of the SCiMMA Hopskotch server, a cloud-based system of Kafka data streams to support secure Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (MMA) alert distribution with identity and access management integration.
  • a local instance of the Mock Event Generator
  • a local deployment of gwelery


The aim of the present package is to create a local (isolated) minikube Kuberneties (k8s) cluster that is hereafter called igwn-kube. For testing the LLAI infrastructure the minimum requirements are : (i) 4 CPUs, (ii) 8GByte of free memory, (iii) 40 GByte of disk space, and (iv) Intenet connection. Please note that for running gwcelery inside the igwn-kube the memory request should be set to at least 26 GBytes.


This package requires a k8s sandboxed installation on your local machine (instructions reported in this documentation are for a k8s system based on Docker and Minkube) and the additional software:

See prerequisites page for instructions and preliminary actions.

All instruction in this guide suppose that the cluster is alive and running

# Activate the igwn environment
conda activate igwn-py39
# Ensure that Docker Desktop is active and Alive
systemctl --user start docker-desktop
# start igwn-kube
minikube -p igwn-kube start

To check that igwn-kube is in status Running use the command minikube profile list. This list the profile installed in minikube and correspondant status.

GraceDB local instance

Instruction on how to deploy the local instance of GraceDB are reported here The web interface of gracedb should be available at the URL https://gracedb.default.svc.cluster.local/. If you already deployed the local instance of GraceDB and you want to access it remember to open the tunnel service, otherwise the website would be not reachable.

minikube -p igwn-kube tunnel